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Tuesday, 15 February 2011 01:20

Wolf of Badenoch

The fearsome “Wolf of Badenoch”, with Lochindord and its castle.

The Wolf was the son of King Robert II; the time was the close of the fourteenth century. He was said to be huge in stature with a florid complexion and jet black beard and held the whole of Moray in fear. He was given the lordship of Badenoch and the castle of Lochindorb, whose ruins today sit sinisterly on an island in the middle of Lochindorb itself – a short drive from Findhorn. Legend has it that an invitation to the castle inevitably meant the invitee was never seen again – probably committed to the Water Pit Vault.
Tuesday, 15 February 2011 01:05

Findhorn – Treading through time

“ Speak weel o’ the Hielands but live in the Laich.”   This is an old Moray proverb and refers to the “Laich of Moray” an area of low lying, rich fertile land,  along the southern shores of the Moray Firth and including historic places such as Forres and the village of Findhorn.
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